Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Keeping To A Japanese Theme,

if you live in Tokyo,

and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, here is an idea head to Odawara, a coastal town Southeast of Tokyo, and here are a few of the sights you will see there, a cornerstone from Kyoto Gojo-Ohashi Bridge,

 circular stone stage with a garan-ishi at the center that once supported a large stone lantern at the home of a daimyo,

 the optical glass stage which, to an audience, will appear to float on the surface of the sea,

left: Komatsu stone arrangements from a nearby quarry | right: Stone torii gate assembled from stones from medieval times,

the Uchoten (“Listen-to-the-rain”) Tea House, as well as these there is the Enoura Observatory it is an absolutely stunning space that artist Hiroshi Sugimoto has carved into the Hakone mountains, overlooking the Sagami Bay, conceived over 20 years ago and finally completed in the Fall of 2017, but remember you will have to book tickets in advance though, and if you’re coming by train, make sure you reserve a ticket for the free shuttle that take visitors from Nebukawa Station to the observatory, to get to to Odawara, it’s an hour and a half by train and little faster by car, if we ever visit Japan it will be on our 'to see' list!

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