Wednesday, 10 October 2018

We Started The Day,

with yet another police stop,

 the police presence in Pattaya is now getting huge, we are now being stopped most days we are out on the motorcycle, and days when we are not, that is in a baht bus, it is the same, police everywhere, when we see at least 10 or so policemen at a intersection, to day was exceptionally crowded, in so far as that there were in excess of 20 police officers at just one junction, for us it was not a problem, I have a Thai driving licence, current motorcycle tax and both government and private insurance, but there were many who did not looking at the number of motorcycle pulled over with their owners at the police station, I know it should not make much difference but knowing we are going to be pulled over on a daily basis almost makes me not want to go out on the motorcycle, moving on we parked up at the side of The Grande Day/Night Hotel,

 and made our way past TukCom,

 and the lady we normally buy our iced tea and coffee from,

 past one of Diana's favorites,

 into Pattaya Tai,

 where a charity hair cutting event was taking place,

 we made our separate ways into the market as we were meeting up later,

 I had a look at some of the items on offer,

 new to me, Peangdin cold pressed, Sacha oil,
 back to more recognizable fruits,

 like bananas,

 the mid market aquatic stall was stocking up,

 as usual a selection,

 of Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens), displayed individually in bags,

 pineapples are still plentiful,

 as are crocks,

 the mobile coffee bar open for business,

 as was the aquatic shop,

 this week,

 a rather nice display of some dessert rose plants in pots, (Adenium obesum),

 like it's namesake,

 there is a multitude of various coloured,

 and shaped flowers,

 that horticulturists have perfected over the years,

 a quick look at the rest of the plant section,

 and I was off to Friendship, 

making my way past Soi Bukaow to meet up with Diana, then we were off home, after our evening meal and a few from Crime and Investigation, it was feet up for our evening film,

and for tonight, Alien Predator, what a horrendously terrible film, I am not saying that it was the worst sci-fi film I have ever watched, no wait a second, it was the worst sci-fi film I have ever watched! absolutely dreadful,  

so bad it makes The Wild Women of Wonga look like a multi Oscar winning epic, and compared to Alien Predator it was!

so we had to round the evening off with something else, so Occupation it was then, another sci-fi, the good news was that this film had more going for it in the first few scenes than Alien Predator did in the whole film, in a nutshell, the world is invaded by aliens, a small town in Australia is earth's only know hope of salvation, as the locals facing vastly superior odds and huge advances in technology and weaponry take on the invaders, I will not spoil the film by saying who won, and with that we were off to bed.

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