Thursday, 11 October 2018

We Eat Out,

a couple of times a week,

 and when looking at the menu have a quick glance at the prices, which apparently 8 dinners from Dubai did not do when they ordered a 20 course meal, as they received a bill for 400,000 yuan ($58,000) a photograph of the receipt from Maggie’s Restaurant in Shanghai started circulating on Chinese social media last month, and although a spokesperson for the restaurant initially claimed that the photo was fake, adding that they don’t even serve some of the dishes listed on the receipt, the owner and master chef at the restaurant, Sun Zhaoguo, later confirmed that Maggie’s did serve the ultra expensive dinner to eight guests, a VIP from Dubai and his friends, asked about the sum listed on the receipt, Zhaoguo allegedly said “That’s nothing at all in Dubai”,

the most expensive items on the receipt are the Crocodile Tail Soup ($2,449), Wild Yellow Croaker – ($2,303) and Half Abalone with Sake Jelly ($1,866), here is a translated list of all the items listed on the receipt, according to Shanghaist:
Organic Pickles $5.54
Crispy Salty Chicken $14.29
Abalone with Braised Pepper $20.13
Snail Cooked in Sauce $17.21
Braised Pork with Soju $14.29
Fennel Roots $8.46
Asparagus $11.37
Cold Dish $9.92
Premium Caviar $729 x 8
Half Abalone with Sake Jelly $1,866 x 8
Yangtze River Crab $408 x 8
Duck with Olive $421
Salt-seared Miyazaki Steak $230 x 8
Shrimp Roe with Crispy Sea Cucumber $58 x 8
Crocodile Tail Soup $2,449
Wild Yellow Croaker $2,303 x 7.4
Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce $845 x 8
Boiled Giant Conch $230 x 8.6
Xiahehe $8.46 x 8
Zhonghua Cigarette $12.83
Chauffeur’s meal $80.21
Double Flavor Cake in Wine Sauce $5.54 x 8
Yunnan Dianhong Tea 82.84
Coke $2.63 x 8
Orange Juice $39

with a surprisingly high service fee of $5,542, it must have been great service! to save you the maths 8 guest X 20 courses = 160 dishes ÷ $58,000 = $362.5 a dish of food, anonymous sources told The Beijing News that on September 19, on the same evening that these rich Dubai patrons allegedly had the 20-course dinner at Maggie’s, a group of “rich second generation” guests also consumed 480,000 yuan worth of expensive drinks. It’s unclear whether the Dubai guests were actually these mysterious rich Chinese, so remember to look at the menu before ordering, or you could end up being Shanghaied!

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