Thursday, 11 October 2018

We Have Been To A Number Of Strange Museums,

over the past few years,

 but none with a title as strange as the hall in this one, the Exhibition Hall of Historical Accidents,

 JR East in Japan recently completed an expansion of their exhibition hall, “We want our employees to never forget the accidents of the past so that we can reflect on the incidents and learn from them” said the company (PDF), reasserting the importance of this initiative,

 the new exhibition hall consist of video footage, slides, panels and digital signage, combined with newspaper clippings, reports and other documentations from accidents, in the newly added reference hall are real-scale replicas of trains that have been in accidents,

 Japan’s train industry, responsible for transporting millions of people each day, understandably takes safety very seriously, and their introspection and dedication to not repeating the past was on full display recently when JR East, one of the country’s major passenger railway companies, unveiled the new expansion to their “Exhibition Hall of Historical Accidents” (事故の歴史展示館),

the new exhibition hall was unveiled to the press on October 9, 2018, but here is the thing, unfortunately, it is only open to employees of the company and is not for the public, photography courtesy Sankei Photo.

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