Wednesday, 31 October 2018

If You Live Somewhere,

that is very hilly, 

like Japan, you will see lots of these, retaining walls, they are a common sight, as the name implies, they’re designed to retain soil to a slope and keep it from spilling into streets and other areas, and where there are retaining walls you’ll also likely find drainage systems: piping that’s essential to keeping water from building up behind the wall and creating unwanted pressure,  the sight of these walls and drainage are so common that most people would walk right past them without thinking twice, but for one Japanese amateur photographer who goes by the name sakanakudo, who took all of the photographs,  

 the drainage pipes and their constant moisture maintain rich, miniature ecosystem,

 all of the plants and mosses,

 growing in them,

 I guess arrived there purely by chance,

 but here is a thought,

 I wonder if now seeing these miniature gardens,

some people start planting their own mosses and plants to make their own miniature worlds?

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