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20 Cars No One Should Drive If They Want To Live,

OK I am only going to list a few,

 that made the top 20, many of which you can buy new today and most certainly all are on the secondhand market, buyer beware! at number,
20 the Kia Rio, in a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) the Kia Rio was on the first rank as the deadliest car for having a driver fatality rate of 149 per million registrations, by the time the 2017 reports from IIHS were released, they had improved and brought the previous figures down to 102 fatalities per million registrations which is still considerably high and ranked them at second on the list.

16 Chevy Colorado, usually people who own pickup trucks feel more safe and powerful for driving such a strong and hefty looking vehicle, however, it is the complete opposite with the Chevy Colorado, this pickup truck has a massive statistic which is 93 fatalities for every million registrations, to add to that number, most of these come under the single vehicle accidents which are even worse.

I was surprised at this one, in at number
14 Toyota Yaris, owning smaller cars and mostly hatchbacks have become a habit in most regions, however, there is a downside to owning such small cars which is the dangers of meeting with an accident, the Toyota Yaris had 29 injury claims out of every 1000 units sold, the main reason behind this was that the car crumpled much easily compared to larger vehicles making the impact being felt on the inside, sadly even advanced safety technology could not even overcome this making it a really unsafe car.

12 the Nissan Versa is one of the deadliest cars on the road with the sedan model having 130 fatalities and the hatchback having 71 in the 2009-2012 survey. Another statistic is 95 per million registrations. The newer models reduced them but still kept a high fatality and crash toll compared to most cars on the road. Crash tests conducted by the IIHS showed that the airbag deployment failed and ended up leaving the head vulnerable to come in contact with the front structure of the car. The front was mainly the problem and this resulted in the Versa receiving the lowest grade possible in safety rankings.

 another surprise, at number
10 the Ford Explorer had a design based upon to the Ford Bronco II. They made both of these a compact SUV and rugged at the same time. Unfortunately, the Explorer inherited most of the issues from the Bronco along with the design. The major issue is that the Ford Explorer was prone to roll over. Ford had implemented changes in design to make sure this problem did not persist however they failed in doing so. They then advised the owners to keep the tire pressure low, although that helped in it gaining more balance it made the tires lose grip and cause more accidents making it more unsafe.

at number 
5 another surprise, as of 2017 four-door Focus sedans have had an unfortunate statistic which is 68 fatalities per million registrations for cars registered from years 2011-2014. around seventy percent of these resulted from multiple car crashes. Another survey done from the year 2008-2011 showed 70 per million registrations. Safety tests performed by the IIHS have revealed the problem to be due to the weak structure of the car and also a weak safety cage which was found during the front overlap test.

and at number
1 before 2015, the Ford Mustang was one of the deadliest cars on the road as advanced safety technology had not been introduced to them. The 2014 Ford Mustang Coupe in specific had a figure of 58 fatalities per million registrations which is a lot, most of these were single-vehicle crashes which meant rollover crashes were common and some IIHS crash reports revealed that there were some faults in side crash tests. Some reports have even shown that crashes are four times more than that of an average car. The car is cheap too while being great at performance which could mean that young and inexperienced drivers purchasing these could also be a reason for the statistics.

all of the above information gleaned at Hotcars, published 9 days ago, it makes me take another look at cars that I would have thought would never appear on this list, for the full 20 have a look here.

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