Thursday, 4 October 2018

It Was Another,

wild, wet, windy day,

 lots of thunder and lightning, and low cloud,

 and rain,


 and lots,

 of rain, 

in the afternoon we decided to watch Billionaire Boys Club, based on real events, although the names have been changed, it is essentially a get rich quick scheme that sounds to good to be true, and it was, think 1920s Charles Ponzi,

 in the evening we were out,

 but before we left,

 a bit of fun,

 as Diana worked her magic,

 using her mobile telephone,

playing over,

it was gladrags on,

 and we were out to Cherry's,

 for their Wednesday and Saturday 450 baht International buffet,

 plenty of starters to choose from,

 including sushi, 

 tom yum goong soup, plus soup of the day, truffle cream,

 the pizza station with garlic bread,

different for this week, spicy smoked pork salad,

 lots of main courses,

 along with roast pork, lamb and beef,

 grilled prawns, rock lobster thermidor, and stuffed mussels,

 on to desserts, 

 and what a selection,

 so time to tuck in,

 also new for this week, individual pots of lasagna,

 time to eat,

 and then a second course,

 'Cheers!', from Mr. Tony who joined us this evening,

 his main course, 

 and I was up for mine,

 and this was it, pork and mushrooms, braised pork and ribs,

 eyes down and tuck in! Cherry's is located on Third Road, opposite what was once the X-Cite disco,

Mr. Tony kindle gave us a lift home, so a short walk past the tower and it was feet up, for a few Antiques Road Trips and we were then off to bed.

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