Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Pied Piper of Brasher State Forest, St Lawrence County,

no wait a second, that does not sound right,

and there's another thing, they are not rats they are raccoons!

the popular video shows Eddy Lawrence playing his flute on the side of the road in Brasher State Forest, St Lawrence County, as dozens of raccoons emerge from the woods and form an audience around him, as the song ended, the spell it put on the raccoons seemed to break as well, as they scurried back into the forest, footage of Lawrence’s performance was posted online at the end of last month, and has since become an Internet sensation, He told Inside Edition that the song he played on his flute was a traditional Native American tune called “Raccoon Dance” anyway, he reckons that the raccoons were attracted by the mellow sound of the flute, “They didn’t dance but they came around to see what was going on,” Eddy said. “The flute is a very mellow instrument and it seemed to have them reassured them that it was okay.” a pied piper of raccoons,who would have thought it?

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