Sunday, 2 September 2018

As Many Of Our Friends Will Know,

I am not a great fan of tattoos,

but that does not mean that I can not appreciate them,

specially ones as good as these, here are a few from a very talented self taught tattoo artist,

 Eliot Kohek is a master of black and grey realism, 

 some of the works he has inked on his clients over the years look ready to jump off of their skin,

 judging by the level of detail in Eliot Kohek’s tattoos, it’s hard to believe that he has no formal artistic training, He has been fond of drawing for as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until he attended a tattoo convention at age 19 that he knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life,

 He quit his job and found a talented tattoo artist who would let him watch as he inked his clients, for practical experience, Eliot would practice everything he learned on his friends,

 in an interview with French magazine Inkage, Kohek said that he had been drawn to the hyper-realist side of tattooing from the very beginning, 

 as this style is considered the most intriguing and gets the most reactions out of people, He has been focusing almost exclusively on dark realism for the past nine years, and today that style is considered his specialty, 

 Eliot Kohek only does black and grey tattoos because he loves how monochrome tattoos highlight certain details, like a charcoal drawing,

 Eliot works out of his own tattoo studio in Annecy, France, but you can admire some of his most impressive works on Instagram and Facebook

and no I still do not want one!

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