Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Do Not Mess With Fish 238,

and you thought fish were fun!

well lots of people on Twitter did last week, I have heard of snake eyes, a term used in drinking and gambling, but never the term fish eyes, until now, a fish shop in Kuwait was recently shut down by authorities after it was revealed that the fishmonger was sticking plastic googly eyes on the fish in an attempt to make them look fresher, it all started when Facebook user Ayman Mat posted a short video of herself washing a fish and removing the plastic eye in the process. It got shared thousands of times and received loads of hilarious comments, but the Kuwaiti Commerce Ministry was apparently not amused and proceeded to shut down the offending fish shop,

but that didn’t stop people from continuing to mock the bizarre selling tactic, “That is gross, and bad business practise, but I can’t help laugh at the same time. Did they honestly think people wouldn’t notice?” one person asked on Twitter, “Why are you making a big fuss? The fish had weak vision; that is all,” another person wrote, other fish shops in Kuwait also got in on the joke, posting hilarious adverts on social media, like “fresh fish without cosmetic enhancements” and “fish without coloured lenses”, and the reason  behind the deception? well I do remember my Grandmother always saying, ‘never buy a fish with a cloudy eye, it will not be fresh’,

and whilst on the subject of buying fresh food, another of my Grandmothers gems from the early 1950’s ‘never buy a rabbit from the butchers, unless it’s got its head on!’, above a butchers shop, the picture taken in 1955.

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