Saturday, 8 September 2018

Off Out,

in the morning,

we parked opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

and walked towards Pattaya Tai,

I crossed the road going past the building works next to Friendship,

and I was back here, the pesky crown had come loose again, luckily there was nobody waiting in front of me so a touch of glue and 200 baht later and I was on my way,

to meet up with Diana in TukCom, the dentist, Doctor Chanis is opposite the Friendship store on Pattaya Tai,

in the late afternoon we were out again,

on to a baht bus for the 10 baht ride,

to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

the flowers on the flame tree have all but finished,

their place taken by their seed pods,

I made my way past one of the mobile fruit sellers,

to the store that sells all manner of interesting bits and pieces,

 like these bracelets,

 made from semi-precious stones,

door knockers with a difference!

and I just love this fish padlock, it is most probably worth more than my motorcycle if I used it to secure it!

looking towards Jomtien,

cloudy skies,

the same looking inland,

at the toy stall this evening,

lots of cute puppies,

a few weeks ago I found this stall and wanted to buy a couple shirts, but none in XL, so as the lady was here again this week I tried again, still no luck, no XL, 

I went past the second mobile fruit seller,

and made my way to the bar,

opposite which for tonight a stall selling shots and one selling 60 baht handbags,

the steps on the side of the escalator now completed,

the fruit stall ready for business,

and a nice blue dress in the wicker shop,

lollies, lots of lollies!

the pet aisle,

had a few customers,

and a new iron staircase was being erected,

the aquatic store,

at the rear of the car park safty rails looking like they will be erected during the week,

sunset over the market,

a quick look inside,

then I made my way back to the bar, but had to have a look at these shorts, just right for the beach,

arriving at the bar and who was there, Diana!

the second booth looks like it is going to be a second money exchange,

we then made a move for our evening meal, over the hill on a baht bus and about three quarters of the way down going towards Third Road we stopped here,

at the Bon Appetie,

we keep meaning to call in, but somehow did not, but tonight here we are,

for my starter a prawn cocktail, which was big,


on to our main courses,

chicken Kiev for Diana,with French fries,

and for myself,

roast duck with saute potatoes, it was so pleasant, a French film was being shown, plus a few posters and other diners chatting in French made us feel like we were back in Paris again, the meal was excellent and with 2 half carafes of wine was under 1,500 baht, I should mention the bread was so good I ate nearly all of it, as a rule I do not eat a lot of the food that accompanies the main part of the meal, bread, rice and potatoes, but the bread here had such a nice aroma and tasted so good, I could not help myself, a thoroughly great way to spend the evening,

we caught the baht bus back over the hill and walked home, feet up a couple of Bargain Hunts and we were off to bed.

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