Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Curse Of The Electrics,

struck again, 

 as many of our friends know, if its electrical it will go wrong for me, yesterday the electric kettle died, so off for a new one, plus the battery on the motorcycle was flat so we dropped the bike off at the motorcycle repair shop,

 and walked towards The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

 that has it's own tuk-tuk,

 onwards to TukCom,

 and upstairs to Mr. D.I.Y. that had a electrical section, but alas did not sell electric kettles,

so downstairs to Power Buy, 459 baht later and I was on my way with a new kettle, 

 back to the motorcycle shop where the battery was about to be put back,

 and we were of our way home, to try out the new and throw away the old,

 in the afternoon we watched the latest Bargain Hunt, and then it was glad rags on, and we were out for our evening meal,

 we were going to try a new restaurant, but as it happened we both fancied an Indian meal,

 so the Alibaba it was then,  

 which is situated on Central Road, a few hundred or so yards before you reach the beach on the left hand side,

 the restaurant is upstairs,

 for starters, masala poppadoms,


 after a break, our next round of starters, chicken chikai chat, 

 and one of our favorites,

 a prawn puri, we shared both starters,

 another long break, then on to our main courses,

 chicken tikka masala,

 chicken jalfrezi,

 aloo gobi, a mixture of potatoes and cauliflower,

and peas pulao rice,

 Diana strikes the pose with my glass of wine, 

our table for two, what a lovely meal we then made a move for home on the baht buses, and what a surprise tourists on motorcycles were having tonight! at every junction they were being pulled over in their droves, Beach Road, the junction of Pattaya Tai and Second, the top of the hill on Thappraya Road, the police were everywhere, but what great fun for tourists to interact with Thai people, think of the stories they can talk about to their friends when they get home, I can still remember when I used to be stopped every day when I was living out of town, ah memories! arriving home we still had time for a film, so it was,

 Lake Placid Legacy, it was dire! I have run out of words, let just say we will not be buying Legacy II! and with that we were off to bed.

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