Wednesday, 5 September 2018

There Is Cosplay,

where people dress up, 

 and there is living the dream, as a Pleiadian Starseed, her real name, Kimberel Eventide of Illinois, she has taken her love of Tolkien’s fantasy world to a whole new level, She is part of a growing community that describes themselves as “Otherkin”, or people who identify as something other than human, She also refers to herself as a Pleiadian Starseed, not only does she believe she is an elf, but Kimberel also believes that she was sent to the earth to act as a “spiritual guide” for humans, there is a slight problem, as she lacks elven features, Kimberel makes up for it with clothing and prosthetics,

 “I dress as a High Elf as much as I can in velvet, silk, ornate detailed, or nature inspired clothing,” she says, “I have about five different types of elf ears and cuffs I wear, plus my own ears have a slight point to them so I don’t always wear my ears.” Kimberel is an a mission she has named “Projectelvenstar”, which involves helping humans transform into high elves by elevating their consciousnesses, just as she has, She works to achieve this goal by using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, She even offers personal Skype sessions to help “individual souls” to reach a higher level of consciousness,

in “The Lord of the Rings”, elves are known for their connection with nature, Kimberel lives in the city, but she seizes the opportunity to connect with the natural world whenever she can, to help facilitate this connection, she surrounds her home with plants and flowers, as you might imagine being an elf isn’t easy; Kimberel laments that her spiritual journey has been a difficult one, as she is often ridiculed online by “less open-minded types”,

 often, her mission to help humans ascend weighs heavily on her, "I feel as weary as the Elves of Lord of the Rings did in the Third Age when they were all leaving Middle Earth to sail to the Undying Lands. When my own time comes to leave this earth, I will be happy and at peace to rest. My soul feels weary from seeing humans slowly, very slowly, move towards the society I believe they can have where everyone behaves like the High Elves. I am both patient and impatient at the same time, and it often causes a deep sorrow and burden within me" I just hope that Kimberel and her fellow elves do not meet up with a like minded group of Orcs.

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