Saturday, 1 September 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

but in the late afternoon,

 we were out,

 to the end of Thepprasit Road,

 by the big screen,

 and off to the weekend night market at the far end of Thepprasit,

 we both walked in past the food and drinks stall,

 and I soon arrived at the stall I find so interesting, selling all manner of minerals and mineral products like rings, beads and necklaces,

 tonight these coins caught my attention,

I did not expect to see him here,

 a couple also found this stall interesting, 

 the fruit seller doing his rounds,

 looking towards Jomtien, 

 cloudy skies,

the same looking inland,

 I made my way past the toy stall, 

 opposite the bar this evening, 

 a stall selling clothes and one selling bags, 

 some more work has been done to the escalators, 

 the steps to it now completed,

 the fruit stall ready to go,

 the soap shop smelling as pleasant as ever,

 I was now at the pet section,

 with lots of accessories to choose from,

 the aquatic shop,

 had some new stock,

 the owner busy making a sale,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way back to the bar,

 the new booth on the corner now completed, Diana joined me at the bar for a lemon tea,

 and then we were off,

 to the Caddy Shack Inn, which is on Thepprasit Soi 8, opposite the Eden Hotel,

 where tonight we were joined by,


 and Barry,

for our evening meal, Thai food for Diana, lamb kebab for Christian whilst Barry and myself went with bangers and mash ,'Cheers!', after saying our goodbyes we were off home, feet up a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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