Monday, 3 September 2018

What A Beautiful Day,

and we were out for Sunday lunch,

 so a quick pose by the pool,

 and I had to take a picture of the Plumeria (Frangipani), in flower, the plants of which surrounds two sides of the pool,

 we took the baht bus to Second Road, 

 and made our way down Soi 13,

 inside, a typical British pub,

 we both chose chicken, potato and leek soup,

 there was a choice of two soups for starters,

 the other being green pea and ham,

on to the main courses, two joints of beef with the choice of medium or well done, pork, lamb, chicken and two hams, boiled or gammon,

 there was a full compliment of vegetables, plus a selection of sauces and other condiments,

 so choices made,

 plates filled,

 and it was eyes down, 

 and tuck in,

 for both of us,

 during the break for dessert, there were a couple of things on the table to keep us occupied, firstly a number of jokes on the back of 'how did we do?' questionnaires, 

 and secondly a few cards form Trivial pursuits, all of which were great fun,

on to desserts, and there were lots of them, Diana went with the bread and butter pudding with custard and ice cream,

 and for myself,

 cherry pie, again with custard and ice cream, the two course meal, soup and main course was 450 baht per person, and was good to say the least, for the rest of the afternoon and evening we both kept saying, 'I have eaten too much!', 

 we decided to walk to Beach Road and then grab a 10 baht bus tome, but before we got the the beach we had a nice surprise, walking towards us was Fred, a regular reader of the blog, who we had not seen in years, so we had a good chat and caught upon the local gossip,

 we walked along Beach Road,

 taking a few pictures as we went,

 a quick pose,

 and we continued,

 then down to the sand for a pose,

and a look along the surprisingly empty beach, we walked to the baht bus rank and arrived home, where it was feet up, and watched cable television for the rest of the evening, tonight there was a new series of programs starting on the Crime channel and Warner Brothers, so we watched them, just a pity exactly the same programs will be repeated all of next week until Sunday when they change again, but there it is, and with the last of Crime and Investigation, we were off to bed.

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