Sunday, 7 October 2018

A Pakistani Ice Cream Seller,

had his bank account frozen,

when it was discovered that the illiterate vendor had $18 million (2.3 billion rupees) in his bank account, Abdul Qadir had the surprise of his life when he was visited by agents from Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency in his home in the slum of Karachi, from The Guardian, “I am the most unlucky man in the world,” the 52-year-old said in a television interview. “When I came to know about [the huge sum], it was no longer there.” brought in for a second interview on 19 September, the distraught vendor invited sceptical officials to inspect the condition of his home, “Why would I be spending this miserable life if I have billions in my account?” he said, the affair has only further impoverished Qadir, while he used to make £3 per day selling ice-cream, the father of two has been unable to return to work since his story spread through the neighbourhood, “People started taunting me by saying, ‘Look a billionaire is selling falooda [an ice-cream topped desert].’ in the previous post I was concerned about crooks taking money out of your bank account, now here is a case of them putting it in! photograph Pakistan Today.

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