Sunday, 7 October 2018

In Between The Showers,

I had to pop into town as a favour for a friend,

 and spotted this bird, 

 it is a zebra dove (Geopelia striata), if you live out here, you will know that before they fly off you almost have to run them over if they are in the road, they do not seem to have the same fear of humans that most birds have,

 arriving home the skies darkened again for round 2 of the storm, and what a storm! the lightning was all around us with a couple of almost instantaneous flashes and bangs, it was so loud, 

 in the evening we had an indian meal on the balcony, starting with poppadoms, 

and Diana's homemade salsa,



on to our main course, chicken masala,

 and another 'Cheers!', from me, we have to thank Mr.Tony for the poppadoms and masala sauce, a shop near him sells both, but unfortunately Friendship does not, we spent the rest of the evening listening to music until the midnight hour and then we were off to bed.

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