Sunday, 7 October 2018

As Many Of Us Drive Them,

I thought I would post a list of three 2018 cars,

that are not worth buying, all three are surprises, the Ford Focus, the American manufacturer had done a stellar job with its F-series for many years but a horrendous job with the Focus, the car has been on the Consumer Reports "never buy" list for many years,

 a car on a mission, the Volvo XC90 and the mission is to ruin the brand, it fails in interior technology, the car's electronics received a dismissal rating while the power equipment and some of the electrical system were not too far behind,

and lastly the Tesla Model X, which is voted the least reliable vehicle in the U.S. for a complete look at the best and worst have a look here where I gleaned all of the above information, I have to again say all three of them surprised me in that they were on the 'do not buy' list, but there it is.

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