Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Day Was Wet And Windy,


 with lightning and thunder in the background,

 and then the rain started,

 and it really did rain,

 but great news, just before it was time to leave for the Weekend Night market on Thepprasit Road, it stopped!

 so 10 baht each later we were there, 

 at the beginning of the market, the drinks and food stalls, along with one of the mobile ice cream sellers,

 the stall holders busy putting up awnings,

 lots of cloud, 

  looking towards Jomtien,

 the same inland,

the toy stall had not set up yet, along with many others as they were waiting for the rain to stop,

 but this one was up and running already,

 awnings stretched over the aisles,

 opposite the bar this evening,

 a stall selling shorts, 3 for 50 baht, a bargain!

 nothing seems to be happening upstairs,

 but one thing has become obvious when it rains,

 stalls under the edge of the car park suffers from it's lack of drainage,

 the fruit stall,

 all ready for action,

 the mannequin in the wicker stall being dressed,

 at the bottom of the market,

 the pet aisle,

 and with colder weather on the way, doggie coats are a must,

 I passed the aquatic stall,

 and took a photograph of the sunset, or today rain clouds,

 passing one of the market shrines,

 I made my way uphill,

 where more water was cascading down on the unfortunate stall holders who were on the edge of the car park, 

 I made my way to the bar and then noticed it,

 the Monkey Shake,

 had relocated next to the money exchange,

 time for a beer and everything is OK,

 then the rain started, one of the mobile food sellers covering his wares, 

 and it did rain, not a customer to be seen,


 having said that there were a few, 

 taking refuge way from the edge of the car park,

 and this explains where the 7-11 had run out of plastic raincoats,

 as tour guides rushed in to buy them all up for their tour group, 

in a break in the rain we rushed home and settled on the balcony for a delicious chilli con carne, luckily our balcony was sheltered from the rain so as it crashed down beside us we listened to music until the midnight hour, and then for us we were off to bed.

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