Monday, 1 October 2018

'I Quit!'

it seems an easy thing to say,

if for whatever reason you have decided to stop working, so just go, in tell the boss and your co-workers, negotiate back pay, pension payments, etc. and that is it, but evidently in Japan things are not that simple, for some reason, many Japanese people find it incredibly difficult to quit their job and prefer paying a third party hundreds of dollars to quit on their behalf rather than have to face their boss and co-workers and handing in their resignation personally, Senshi S LLC is a Tokyo-based startup founded by childhood friends Toshiyuki Niino and Yuichiro Okazaki last year, it operates ‘Exit’ a unique service that basically handles job resignations on behalf of clients, for a fee, rather, than having to tell their bosses that they can’t or don’t want to work for them anymore, Exit clients prefer to pay between 40,000 yen ($350) and 50,000 yen ($450) to have someone else do it for them, “We’d been discussing about doing something together for a long time, and this concept seemed promising,” Yuichiro Okazaki told The Japan Times, “There’s definitely demand out there. Personally, I’m perplexed as to why people find it hard to quit, but I do sense that this atmosphere is prevalent in Japan.” And it appears that there is a long future for the service, in just one year since its inception, Senshi S LLC, which will soon become Exit Inc., has already mediated the resignations of around 800 clients all around Japan, with Exit getting a lot of attention in the media lately, that number is expected to surge in the near future, is it really that difficult to say 'I Quit!' apparently it is, I wonder if the idea will catch on anywhere else?

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