Monday, 1 October 2018

A Nice Sunny Sunday,

and we were out for our Sunday lunch,

 a quick pose by the pool, 

 and we were on our way, looking back towards our condominium,

 and this was where we were headed, Soi 13 on Second Road,

 opposite McDonald's,

 soup for today, cream of mushroom, or leek, potato and chicken,

 we were a tad early, so that the meats had not all as yet been brought from the kitchen,

 we sat in the middle of the restaurant,

  first off we started with a soup each,

 then after a long break,

for Diana, steak and kidney pie with slices of boiled ham, gammon ham, pork and lamb, plus a bread roll,

 the main course,

and for myself, similar but with a chicken leg and Yorkshire pudding, we were full to bursting,we decided against a dessert as the last time we ordered one of the excellent desserts, we both knew we had eaten far too much! the cost of the 2 course carvery was 450 baht each,

 to burn off some of the calories we decided to take a walk to the beach and have a look at the 'world class Pattaya beach' that we have been reading about since last July,

 but first past the Inn of the Golden Crab, a strange name,I could not find their website,

 but it is apparently a of number of rental apartments,

 we crossed Beach Road, looking back to Soi 13,

 after a short walk we noticed these what appear to be dining areas,

 on top of the Asia Herb Association building, it is evidently the only spa using "Herbal Ball" made from 100% organic herbs, so now I know,

 we continue our walk along Beach Road,

 past some of the sellers of trinkets and locally collected seashells,

 'Take Home!'

 the world class beach has not reached this far yet, but it is scheduled to be finished soon for  the high season, so that's a relief, 

 on the other side of the road, another of Diana's favourites, Burger King,  

 we noticed this sculpture towards the end of the beach, we were both not sure what it was, but there it is,

 as we passed another McDonald's,

 a quick look out to sea, 

 as the beach ended with the water treatment plant,

 which meant that we were at the start of Walking Street,

 which as usual in the day time always looks deserted,

 we crossed Second Road,

 for the 10 baht taxi ride over the hill, 

 to our condominium,

 where I noticed this motorcycle that someone had spent a lot of time and trouble on, then for us in the evening we watched a few Crime and Investigations, plus a few programs about the hunt for the Yeti, and other mythical beasts, all to soon the midnight hour was approaching, so for us we were off to bed.

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