Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Apple Store In Moscow,

opened its doors, 

to the crowd of people that had been lining up outside for over 24 hours, mad enough to buy the new iPhone XS and XS, and guess what? the first 8 people in the queue saw sense, did a 180° turn and walked away! Valery was ninth in the queue, but since the first eight disappeared before the Apple store opened, he actually was the first one to be granted access into the store, and he made quite an entrance,

 He was all smiles as he saluted the cheering staff and crowd of reporters waiting inside, but then he started using his cap to hide his face, and it became apparent that something was wrong, it turned out that Valery, like the eight people ahead of him in the queue, never planned on actually buying a new iPhone, He told reporters that he had bought his place in line early for 50,000 rubles ($762) and hoped to make a profit by selling to someone else before the launch, things didn’t really work out as planned though, and instead of leaving like the other would-be resellers, he stuck around, only he didn’t have enough money to buy an iPhone XS or XS Max, so after entertaining reporters and store staff, he reportedly went home empty-handed, I still can not get my head around why muppets queue to buy a telephone from a company that allegedly treats their customers so badly, but there it is they do!

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