Tuesday, 2 October 2018

If You Like Your Carpets Bright,

this is the post for you,

 Zaha Hadid Design has unveiled carpet designs inspired by the projects of its late founder, including MAXXI and the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre, the designs cover four themes that were typical of Zaha Hadid's work: striated lines, ribbon-like projections, pixelated landscapes and organic cellular shapes, these are applied to 22 hand-tufted carpet designs, woven on Axminster looms, 

 designed by Zaha Hadid Design for carpet manufacturer Royal Thai, the collection is named RE/Form after the fact that each design represents reconfiguration and transformation, "Patterns within each grouping capture Hadid's signature use of interweaving, layering and play with light and shadow," said the London-based design studio, "The designs introduce custom new colours for Royal Thai commercial carpets, with hues of turquoise, red and green in their colour palettes." the design team highlights the buildings and products whose influence is most easy to spot in the carpets,

the pattern of the striation carpets mirrors Hadid's fluid and futuristic design for the MAXXI: National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome and the sinuous metallic ribbons that flow across the facade of the firm's recently completed 520 W 28th Street, well you have to admit the colors are bright!

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