Wednesday, 3 October 2018

We Had A Quiet,

but noisy day,

throughout the afternoon, there was the constant rumble of thunder, clouds rolling in from inland,

 at the side balcony, although I could not photograph one,

 there were constant flashes of lightning, but surprisingly not a drop of rain, Hugh called by in the afternoon for a tea and a chat, 

then in the evening fett up for a few antiques shows, followed by Darkest Hour, a tour de force by Gary Oldman, what a totally watchable film,

we rounded the evening off by watching what was fast approaching a comedy, The Last Ship, it is a pity someone with a medical background did not read the script, just one of the hilarious clangers dropped in tonight's episode, a girl is found who is immune to the plague, straight away she is taken onboard breaking every rule of quarantine, yes she is immune, but not a single soul took the decision to find out if she was still contagious, and as she has just been taken off of a ship where the last person that died of the plague died just a few days before, of course she may well be highly contagious, but why bother to check? think Typhoid Mary, her real name Mary Mallon, talk about the Keystone Cops of the medical world, but there it is, and with that we were off to bed.

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