Wednesday, 3 October 2018

I Love This Sort Of Street Art,

where you can not see where the building finishes,

 and the illusion begins, 

 since 1985 David Louf, aka Mr. June, has been creating striking urban interventions, recently producing murals that layer three-dimensional effects onto architectural elements, 

 in projects across the world, including a piece in Little Havana, Miami, an over 130-foot diameter dome in North Carolina, a mind-bending 3D mural for RAW project in Denver, and most recently, a grandiose piece for Urban Nation in Berlin,

 he is headed to future projects in Amsterdam, Aruba, and China, and prepping several studio pieces for an upcoming solo show in Miami during Art Basel week, 

and this before and after photograph perhaps best shows the skill of illusion that David Louf truly has,

and a more detailed look at the water tank roof he painted in Greensboro, North Carolina in the video above, You can see more of his geometric interventions on his website and Instagram, as I said before, I just love the look that buildings have after his almost magical touch.

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