Wednesday, 3 October 2018

It Took Me Some Time,

to work out,

 what medium the artist Young-Deok Seo was using, 

it was only when I looked closely I realised he was using bicycle chains!

I was surprised at how the many bends and curves of the chains’ hinges, perfectly outline the intricate details of human ears, torsos, and hands, 

 to create these works he first begins with a sketch, which he then digitizes to create a 3D model, next he creates a full-scale rendition from clay, which serves as both his foundation and mold for the welded chains,

 the Korean artist as an upcoming solo exhibition curated by Liquid Art System at Abbazia della Misericordia in from late March to mid-April 2019,

 You can see more of his figurative sculptures on Instagram and Facebook, the photography by Young-Deok Seo, bicycle chains,who would have thought it?

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