Wednesday, 3 October 2018

I Have Heard Of Being Eaten,

'out of house and home',

 and in this home you could do it yourself, it is made out of chocolate! 

 artisan chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau as a promo for the travel aggregator approximately 3,000 pounds of chocolate was used to create the 200-square foot home - and yes, everything is made out of chocolate!

 inside and out, chocolate goodness outside continues thanks to its white chocolate duck pond and chocolate flower bed,

located at the glass house L'Orangerie Ephémère in the gardens of the Cité de la Céramique, the cottage can accommodate up to four guests who will each be surrounded by decadent treats including chocolate walls, a chocolate roof, fireplace, dresser, clock, cups, books, and a luxuriously sweet chocolate chandelier, I wonder if they weigh guest before and after a stay in the house?

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