Wednesday, 3 October 2018

What A Terrible Lesson,

to teach children at school,

that is, do not do any homework when asked to, do not hand any work in, and you will still score 50%! Mrs. Tirado has been a teacher for more than 17 years, the 52-year-old began working at West Gate K-8 School this year as an eighth-grade social studies teacher, She says she gave her students two weeks to complete an explorer’s notebook project but says some of them didn’t turn it in, that’s when she says she learned about a no-zero grading policy, written in red in the school’s handbook, stating, 


Tirado says this sends the wrong message, her September 14 termination letter doesn’t cite a specific reason, only stating she was contracted as a teacher on a probation period, and that she can be dismissed without cause, the school in question is the St. Lucie Public School, what a shower of misfits they must be turning out, I bet all games end in a draw! you can read a little more here at twitter, and few more comments here.

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