Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A Universal Tip,

if you hire someone for professional services,

make sure you have enough money to pay for the service, or you could end up like this! a tattoo parlour owner explained that the young man in the photos had indeed come in for some ink work, but when it was time to pay, he only settled part of the bill and never came back to pay the rest, apparently, the tattoo artist’s entourage managed to get a hold of him, brought him to the shop and decided to teach him a lesson, “This young man had tattoo work done on his arms, but was a few million dong short,” Mr. T. said. “After that, this guy did not return to pay, and avoided me until today. So we decided to strip him of his clothes, wrap him in plastic, and tie him to a tree outside, as punishment.”

this happened in Hanoi, it’s winter in Vietnam right now, with temperatures dropping under 10 degrees Celsius, so seeing topless men on the streets isn’t what you would call normal, especially ones wrapped tightly in plastic foil and tied to trees, the young shirtless man wearing a bike helmet, wrapped in see-through plastic was tied to a tree, with a sign that read “I hate paying for tattoos“, still it could have been worse, the tattoo shop owner could have tattooed the message on the offenders body!

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