Sunday, 10 January 2021

Today Is A Special Day For Us,

we have been married for 5 years,

so start the day with some flowers,

and a card,

and if you want to join us for that most happy of days 5 years ago here is the video above,

the crow called by for a few peanuts,

a beakfull at a time,

we decided to join the crowds for a walk, they were all walking into Beckenham Place Park,

we were walking out of the park, we were going to feed the ducks in Kelsey Park,

we made our way past the flower beds on the green,

and the queue of shoppers waiting to go into Marks & Spencer's,

into the park,

for a pose,

or two,

we soon had a few ducks and geese following us,

we had brought a few peanuts with us,

but truth be told,

there were so many people here feeding the birds,

that most of the ducks seemed too full to eat the nuts,

not so the seagulls, 
they seemed to be permanently hungry,

and there were lots of them, so many that seaside towns must be short of a few,

we were by now at the far end of the lake,

looking down on some geese on the waterfall,

on the other side of the bridge,

a couple of Mandarin ducks,

we started on our way back,

as the sun started to set,

we made our way up the hill towards the church, where water was streaming down the road from a broken water main, hopefully it will be repaired before the next frost, or we can all go skating on the road!

in the evening we ordered a Indian meal,

after a sherry,

a bottle of celebratory bubbly,

easy does it,

one for Diana,

and one for myself, 'Cheers!',

for our starters a King prawn puri,

and lamb samosas,

on to the main courses,

a mixture of lamb and chicken dishes,

we both enjoy Indian food so much,

coconut milk for Diana,

for dessert Diana choose a sherry trifle,

a chocolate tiramisu for myself,

to round the meal off,

a tipple, a Kirk and Sweeny rum, that Diana had bought for my 70th birthday back in 2020,

careful! what a lovely way to end such a special day, after listening to music we watched one from Poirot, before we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Stanley & Diana-congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Alley &I had our 16th on December 28th and like you folks celebrated at home due to the lockdown. We still had a great party for 2 like you two. Time moves by quickly when you are with the one you love. Make each day special and enjoy each other to the fullest!!
Best, John & Alley-now in Texas

Jil Wrinkle said...

Happy anniversary Stan and Diana! I was thinking about you both yesterday when the Bachelor party photos popped up on my Facebook History. Here's to many more years of marriage for you two. Best wishes.