Wednesday, 6 January 2021

I Should Have Mention,

that yesterday we had a bit of good luck,

we had a win on the football pools, we won! a cheque arrived in the post, which was fortuitous as I had to go into town any way to pick up my prescription, so I could pay the cheque in at the same time, Diana had not left for work, but I wanted to be at Boots the chemist before the pharmacists took her lunch break, into the park, not a soul in sight,

it appears that everyone was taking the latest lockdown seriously,

normally there is a steady stream of people coming and going, in and out of the park, but not today,

walking into the main part of the High Street, hardly a car or person in sight,

I was in, and out of the chemists in no time,

opposite The George, now fully locked up, one hopes that pubs, restaurants, shops and all of the other businesses now closed will be allowed to open as promised, and that they have survived the current crisis,

but if there is one place there always is a queue, it is at banks, building societies and post offices, time to pay in our winnings, the Kemp household is now £7.28 richer! good job restaurants are closed, our we might have spent it all on a celebrity meal!

back into a deserted park and home, by now Diana had left for work, 

in the afternoon I watched Peter Ustinov as Poirot in Evil Under the Sun, followed by another one from Poirot, but this time played by David Suchet, after my evening meal a couple of Midsomer Murders, followed by a New Tricks, I then watched some drag racing on YouTube, just after 01.30AM Diana called to say she was on her way home, the last bus had already left, but one of her co-workers gave her a lift home, so it was feet up for a coffee and a chat, at 2.00 AM we were off to bed.

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