Friday, 8 January 2021

As Diana Was At Work,

I decided to do a major bit of maintenance on the aquarium,

there was quite a bit of algae growing,

on the sides of the aquarium,

also water splashes were cutting down the amount of light as the water evaporated on the glass below the lights,

so out with the glass cleaner and now as good as new,

I used a soft nylon scourer,

to clean the inside of the glass,

and a window spray for the outside, a small tip, what ever you do keep the spray well clear of the water, the fish do not like it! 

in the afternoon it was feet up for Gunfight at the OK Corral, the 1957 version, after my evening meal a real treat, a 1 hour film about a singer I have listened to so many times, Josephine Baker: The Story of an Awakening, you can watch the film on YouTube here, as it happens I did make a post about her back in January in 2020, this is from the post, 'listening to one of my favourite French singers Josephine Baker, (1906 - 1975), I say French although she was born American, at one time when she returned from great success in France to America she was meet with such a hostile, racist reaction she quickly returned to France, crestfallen at her mistreatment upon her return, Baker married French industrialist Jean Lion and obtained citizenship from the country that had embraced her as one of its own, but she was not just a singer, during the Second World War Baker did work for the French Resistance, and made other major contributions to the war effort, at the war’s end, Baker was awarded both the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honour with the rosette of the Resistance, two of France’s highest military honours, America's loss France's gain!'

 and here she is,

in perhaps her most famous costume, bananas!

 one of her wonderful songs, De temps en temps, (from time to time), not to everyone's taste, but for myself, this song and many others are superb! this was followed by a documentary about the Natural History Museum in London, just before 10.00 Diana called,

so off to the bus stop, 

I arrived just as the bus did, a walk through the park to home, where it was feet up for a coffee, one from Poirot and we were off to bed.

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