Tuesday, 12 January 2021

I Had A Quiet Day,

playing at being a househusband,

finishing all of the jobs around the flat, I took a few photographs of the orchids that were now beginning to flower,

and a nice display they were putting on too,

all those months of spraying them with fertiliser had started to pay off,

this one will not be fully open for a few days,

in the early evening Diana called, so off over the bridge to the 162 bus stop, and back home,

we watched a Poirot and a New Tricks, then settled down for a treat, the first season of The Terror, and what a treat it was, it is a fictionalized account of what befell the men of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, the two British ships that in the mid-1800s, underwent an ambitious voyage to the Arctic in order to force the Northwest Passage, it was doomed and the crews didn’t return, as you might expect being produced by Ridley Scott it had a little bit of terror thrown and was to say the least extremely good, the attention to detail amazing, it was by now late we were only going to watch one episode, as it happens we watched three of them! by now it was very late, or I should say early morning, as an aside here is a more in depth look at the now found wrecks of the doomed ships, so with the end of the third episode we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Alley made a comment to me that she loved your Deep Pink Orchid that was in bloom. She said it reminded her of Thailand as they have many orchids with the type of color. Did you bring these from Thailand or what is their origin. They are just beautiful and nice that you can enjoy them on a cold winter day.
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, the white and deep pink orchids we bought locally at a garden centre, the others we bought at either McBean's


or Lawrence Hobbs


I have given them a spray on fertiliser every 2 weeks or so and it seems to have paid off, best regards, Stan and Diana.