Tuesday, 12 January 2021

There Is Very Little That Is Good,

about climate warming, unless,

you are a scientist studying the permafrost in the Arctic region or more precisely the animals that are exposed as permafrost continues to melt, just recently the remains of a baby woolly rhino was discovered in Siberia. Compared to previous woolly rhinos discovered in the region (Arctic Yakutia, as an aside Yakutia, is a province the size of India but with a population of only 900,000), this is said to be the best preserved, with all of its limbs and most of its internal organs, including the intestines, still intact,

 "The young rhino was between three and four years old and lived separately from its mother when it died, most likely by drowning," palaeontologist Valery Plotnikov from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who made the first description of the find, told The Siberian Times"The gender of the animal is still unknown. We are waiting for the radiocarbon analyses to define when it lived, the most likely range of dates is between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago."

you can read more about this discovery at Science Alert, image credit Valery Plotnikov/The Siberian Times, as with all of these finds in the permafrost, I can not help but think will one day a scientist clone a woolly mammoth or rhinoceros?

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