Thursday, 7 January 2021

As They Say In Japan,

Akemashite omedetougozaimasu!

あけましておめでとうございます。in a formal greeting or Akemashite omedetou, for a casual way of saying the same, あけましておめでとうin English, Happy New Year! in the UK and many other places we send Christmas cards which also contain a New Year greeting, but in Japan New Years cards are also sent, this year it is the year of the ox, a beautifully calm animal, strong yet gentle; reliable, fair and conscientious, to usher the New Year in here are a few New Year cards (nangajo) and artwork created by some Japanese artists and designers, above, artist FeeBee has made it a tradition to create the year’s zodiac animal out of parts from the other 11 animals, this one was turned into an ukiyo-e print and is available for purchase,

illustrator and designer Hisao Ohmae’s card features the legendary akabeko red cow, the legendary plague-fighting yokai amabie, and a girl with her mask,

TanakaTatsuya who specializes in miniature artworks, and is producing a miniature calendar,

Kondo, who specializes in animal illustrations, created this fun card with a cow at the centre,

coming from Japan there has to be at least one anime-inspired card, this one is from illustrator Lack, and may it be a Happy New Year to every one!

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