Sunday, 10 January 2021

I Am Sure That Thanks To Indian Jones,

and other similar movies,

we have all seen crystal skulls, image credit Gryffindor, artefacts from ancient cultures that even today we do not understand how primitive tribes could have made them, the answer of course is they did not make them, they without exception are all fakes! for more than a century, they were sought-after relics of the Aztec Empire, in the late 1800s, these beautiful icons that illustrated the Aztecs' fascination with skulls began to be found in Mexico and sent to museums, when you combine the pre-Columbian fascination with skulls with the technical prowess at carving stone, it may have been easy for some to believe that these ancient people could have carved skulls out of crystal. And for nearly 150 years, that subtext helped a number of museum exhibit curators feel comfortable about displaying their crystal skulls, despite long-standing questions about these objects’ true origins, for the real story about how so many museums got behind the fake crystal skulls have a look here, or better still read the full story here.

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