Saturday, 9 January 2021

Diana And Myself,

both walked into town,

Diana was off to work I carried on past the bus stop and church, to buy a few bits and pieces in Marks and Spencer's,

shopping over I walked past the flower beds and Christmas tree, on my way home,

looking back at the church, I had a quiet afternoon,

in the evening a read,

before a starter of poached salmon and smoked salmon rolls,


and a treat for my main course,

a dish of toad in the hole,

which I had not eaten in ages, it was delicious, eyes down and tuck in,

I rounded off the meal with a sherry trifle, I spent the rest of the evening listening to Peter Skellern,

his repertoire go's from serious like You're A Lady,

 to comic, The Tattooed Lady, keeping to a comedy theme I then decided to listen to some comedy songs from Jake Thackray this one Brother Gorillabefore the song Jake makes mention of the original "Le Gorille," by Georges Brassens,

and here it is,

 just before 10.00 in the evening Diana called, so off to the bus stop, difficult to see but it was actually snowing, when Diana made her way towards me she was so excited to see the snow,

 she made this video, Diana just loves the snow and the cold, arriving home one from New Tricks and we were off to bed.

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