Saturday, 27 June 2015

First Full Day Back,

so we have to do something special in the evening,

 but during the day some shopping,

 in a very wet underfoot market,

 also the bike needed some air in the tyres,

 then to TukCom, I had brought some DVDs and Blu-rays over, just the discs, to save weight and room we then buy new outer plastic covers here,

 shopping over I watched one of the sellers prepare some jack-fruit,

 Diana bought a ice tea, an ice coffee for myself,

 next some food for Diana,

 in the afternoon I called in to immigration in Soi 5 Jomtien and dropped my passport off to have my visa transferred from my old passport to the new one, I have to call back Monday to pick it up,

 in the evening we were off, for a slap up buffet at the Hilton, well it is Diana's birthday on Sunday,

 a stretched 3 wheeled ice cream truck was parked outside,

 then inside we went,

 making our way up to the 6th floor,

 past one of the other restaurants in the Hilton,

 we settled at our usual table,

 in the restaurant known as The Edge,

 Diana took the camera,

 to take a few pictures of the food that was on offer,

 naturally the chocolate fountain took pride of place!

 fresh fruit as a desserts is always a favourite,

 as well as lots of smaller cakes,

 to tempt you,

 on to the starters and main courses,

 there is always someone on hand to cook any of the fresh foods that you desire, steaks, rock lobsters, you name it,

 the hot food section,

 a chef prepares a meal for a dinner,

 the help yourself salad section,

 it almost seems a shame to take something away from the display,

 the number of condiments is staggering,

 fresh cold cuts,

 and a good selection of cheese,

 Diana came back,

 then it was my turn to have a wander, first stop the wine buffet,


 what better way to start the evening than with a few glasses of bubbly?

 my starter, cold cuts and some brie cheese,

 baked fish in leaves for Diana,

 other than pizza this is Diana's favourite food here,

 and here is the pizza,

 the carvery tonight featured turkey, but later a leg of lamb was brought out, I also went with fresh whole peas, beef and mash with rice,

 we both had a few more plates of food, but Diana then decided on a dessert,

 before going back to main courses,

 her selection,

 after a few more glasses of bubbly I went for some red wine,

my glass expertly topped up by the wine waitress, we had a fabulous meal, for a special evening this has got to be the place, we caught a yellow and blue cab home, watched some cable television, then for us we were off to bed.

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islandog said...

try Mantra Stanley... found it to be much better than the Hilton...