Tuesday, 30 June 2015

We Had The Day All Worked Out,

first thing of to Immigration,

pick up my passport with my visa from the old passport transferred to the new one, then pick up Diana, off to the bank to link my new passport number with my account, then to Pattaya Beer Garden for lunch, but the wheels fell off at the first hurdle as I got on to the bike it was agony, I needed the bathroom, quick! but of course nothing happened, so back on to the bike, with every speed ramp or bump in the road I knew I was not going to make it to Soi 5, after a half a mile or so I did a very rapid 'U' turn for home and to the bathroom, again with no result, then I had a cunning plan, it was the contact with the seat of the bike and the bumps that were making things so unpleasant, so I set off again, but this time taking the weight of my body on my legs, think of a jockey on a horse where he does not actually sit in the saddle when racing, well that was me and much amusement it must have given anyone that saw me going along the road, anyway I arrived at immigration, I showed my ticket to the officer at the front desk who told me the passport was ready to be picked go to desk 8 and there is was, no charge in and out in under 30 seconds, another painful ride back home, but I could not face going back on the bike today, the good news was that during the course of the day the symptoms were slowly disappearing in the evening I almost went a couple of hours without having to make a dash, we watched some television in the evening and had an early night, hopefully I will be a whole lot better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Stan, I googled you symptoms. When to Seek Medical Care

Call your health-care provider immediately if you have symptoms of acute urinary retention.

This condition requires urgent bladder drainage to prevent damage to the bladder, kidneys, and ureter.
Your doctor may advise you to go to a hospital emergency department without delay."
If you haven't returned to normal yet please follow that advice. Mike

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mike, many thanks for your concern, yesterday I woke feeling much better as you know the blog is always a day behind, this morning went to see the doctor ans all is well, he gave my stomach a few good prods and did some blood work all results OK, but next time straight to the hospital, all of this could have been cleared up in a couple of days with some antibiotics, but I now feel nearly 100% better, best regards, Stan and Diana.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stan, I'm very happy to hear you have recovered. I'm looking forward to seeing your next photos. I've been enjoying your photos since you began your blog back when you had your friend Jil living in Pataya. All the best. Mike

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mike, many thanks for your kind wishes, one thing I have learned is next time, and there hopefully will not be one, straight to the pharmacy for some antibiotics, all of this could have been wrapped up in two days, best regards, Stan and Diana.