Friday, 12 June 2015

Up Early,

and off fishing,

 looking at one end of the lake, lots of clouds,

 across the lake blue skies were taking over,

 until there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky so blue, I guess the recent rains had cleared the air of dust making everything so clear,

 we were joined today by Nick and Maureen,

 after an hour or so, the first fish to me, unfortunately to small to eat so back he went,

 Nick soon evened the score, but alas again not cooking size, so this fish returned as the first, but the score now 1 - 1, the game was on!

 the dragonflies had returned to the lake,

 so a quick picture of one of those, then back to the fishing, Nick caught another one that was returned, try as I might I could not catch another, so that was the way the score ended 2 - 1 to Nick, the good news was that the lake owner said he was going to restock in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we will do better on our next visit, 

if you want to fish here, it is the Mamak fishing park, their map above, it is off of Soi Nub Plan Wan, (spelt as it sounds), turn into the Soi from Sumkivitt, once in the Soi go over the railway crossing and continue for a couple of miles, the road starts to go downhill, near the bottom of it you will see the road the fishing park is in on the right hand side, almost opposite the big pink building on the left, follow that for a while, it twists and turns a bit and the fishing park is on the left next to a soccer ground, there are rods and tackle for hire and bait to buy, plus a fridge full of beer!

 we made a move to Nick and Maureen's home,

 and sat outside until Nick called us in,

 for a delicious curry he had prepared,

'Cheers!', after ice cream, cheese and biscuits it was on to the game, Monopoly, which Maureen won convincingly, we chatted the rest of the night away, until we thanked Nick and Maureen for their hospitality and made a move for home,

where it was feet up, a nightcap or three and a second helping of slap-stick comedy with By The Sea, like the previous day out with the family, no actual words are spoken as a upper class house hold goes off for a day By The Sea, so funny in so many places, after that as it was late we were off to bed.

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