Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lets Start The Weekend With A Couple Of Optical Illusions,

which we have not seen before,

like this one, these dots seem to change colour and orbit the centre, but focus your eyes on a single dot, there's no rotating or colour change at all,

which orange circle looks bigger?

surprisingly they are both the same size,

which way is this train moving? look long enough or blink and your brain will change the direction, this is part of the ‘wagon-wheel' effect, closing your eyes for a second then opening them or looking in the direction you want the train to travel, should allow you to switch directions on command,

speaking of the wagon wheel effect, is the middle dancer spinning clockwise or counter clockwise? the answer is both, by staring at either the left or right dancer, you can change the direction the middle dancer spins,

this is not so much a optical illusion as an actual photograph, it was taken at Flathead Lake, Montana, the water is so clear that it appears very shallow, it is actually 370 feet deep in places, by the way you can buy a 'tongue-in-cheek' T shirt, the spoof uses a Smokey Bear look-alike saying, 'Only you can prevent tourist tires' (from entering Montana), the purpose is to try to convince tourists not to visit Montana by spreading the rumour that Montana sucks,

and finally a leap of faith, this a 3D painted room that seems to contain a massive drop, with my fear of heights I have to admit it looks pretty unnerving, but enough of this, my head is spinning, but which way? left to right or right to left?

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