Thursday, 4 June 2015

We Had A Quiet Day,

watching some television,

 but in the evening it was glad rags on,

 we were out for a meal, but when we arrived opposite the restaurant there was a fair, so no prizes for guessing where we were going after the meal!

 and this is where we are going, Cherry's restaurant on Third Road, it is opposite what once was the E-Cite disco and where the fair is now being held,

 on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is the 399 baht International Buffet,

 to start the meal there is a selection of soups,

salad bar,

and assorted individual starters,

moving on to the main courses about 18 or so heated dishes to pick over,

 plus pizzas and a carvery,

then on to the desserts,

 and what a mouth watering selection,

 I have made a date with one of the raspberry ones in the middle already!

 and if all of that were not enough, 7 different flavours if ice cream to chose from,

 so on with the meal,

 a trip to the salad bar and a few individual starters,

 and a glass of medicinal red wine,

 I have to admit we both had a second plate of starters, then on to our main courses,

 spare ribs, baked salmon and chicken for Diana,

 chicken, baked salmon, a slice of lamb and a generous portion of osso bucco which was excellent for myself, in case you do not know osso bucco is a Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth, as I mentioned before it was delicious,


 tonight there was just the two of us,

 eyes down and tuck in,

 after a long break, well we were both full, it was on to the desserts, a tiramisu for Diana,

 and a raspberry delight for myself,

 the Cherry's sign in the car park,

 I noticed it was reflected on this motorbike, 

 which gave the kevlar I guess it is a pleasing look,

 as I was drinking my latte Diana said, 'make a face', well here it is,

meal over we crossed the road to the fun fair,

it was all so exciting,

 the night sky ablaze with neon,

 and this was where we were going, the Wall of Death, we had seen them before and on our last visit to the UK watched a performance at a steam fair we went to,

 so up the stairs,

 and past one of the show girls,

 as we were high a quick picture of the fair looking back towards Cherry's,

 Diana was excited,

 as one driver did a warm up lap, the door in the wall still open,

 the door shut,

 a small shrine in the middle of the stage,

 and the show began,

 the driver a blur at the right top of the picture, he came so close to the top of the wall,

and in this video you can see how close, if you look carefully you can see him almost take a bank note from a spectators hand,

I took another picture of the fair ground, then something I had never seen or heard of before,

 a 1 ton pick up started slowly making its way around the Wall of Death, I could not believe it, as it neared the top of the wall the whole structure shook as the centrifugal force of the truck moved the wall towards you as it went by, so much so in fact you had to hold on to the supports or you risked falling over! also if you look carefully in the video the vehicle is so close to the top the driver/passenger takes bank notes from spectators, scary dairy!

 we were shaking as we made our way down the stairs, what a show!

 we passed many of the stalls,

 as we made our way to the exit,

 the lights on the Ferris wheel easy to see now, it was light when we first arrived at the restaurant, 

 all the fun of the fair,

 we crossed the road,

 and caught a baht bus home, what a great night out!

before going out in the afternoon we watched Clash of the Titans, all good fun, then arriving home in the evening the last episode in the immensely enjoyable series Boardwalk Empire, just a small thing remember to hit the 'older posts' button to see the rest of today's post, with that we were off to bed.

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