Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Thought Of Being Stuck In An Elevator,

has never really crossed my mind,

but in Japan evidently due to the number of earthquakes it is a very real threat, so much so that the countries infrastructure ministry who already has asked for water and blankets to be on hand in elevators, should now also provide toilets in them, according to Kyodo, the Japanese government called meetings with the country's elevator industry to discuss the idea after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck south of Tokyo on Saturday evening, causing about 19,000 elevators in the city and nearby to stop working, people were trapped in 14 elevators and it took 70 minutes to rescue some of them, officials told Kyodo, if a larger earthquake strikes, the problem could be far, far worse, in light of the practical problems caused by being stuck in an elevator for so long, the Japanese government began looking into installing water, blankets and toilet facilities in all elevators, there are two good sides to this, water, blankets and toilet facilities when there is a earthquake and homes for the homeless when there is not!

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