Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It Looked Too Good To Rain,

so I watered the plants,

 then the heavens opened, which was a shame as I was planning to go out, 

I was going to print some more cards with our blogspot address on them, but you know me and electrics, the printer refused to print in red, yellow and blue, worse still the computer was getting a bit twitchy,

 so when it finally stopped raining I drove to the Big Banner Company

 it is on the Sukhumvit Road, if you are driving from Pattaya Tai to Pattaya Central it is on the left just past the McDonald's on the left,

 upstairs there are huge machines,

 printing jobs in progress,

 and I had to take a picture of some of the staff that were so helpful, although I was told the cards would be ready tomorrow I will call in on Wednesday to pick them up,

 as I was then driving down Pattaya Tai I thought I would stop in to see if the Microsoft Publisher package I had ordered had arrived, hopefully in two weeks time it will be here,

 just a little further down the road I stopped at the plant nursery,

 top have a look around,

 as you might have guessed, 

 plenty of orchids to look at,

 and cactus, 

 the bromeliads were putting on a good display,

 many in flower,

 like these two,

 I tried to walk quietly past the garden's cat, but failed and woke it up,

I made my way to the back of the store, then made a move for home,

 after our evening meal I mentioned to Diana that Steve and myself had visited the Hammersmith Odeon and watched Camel play, also Steve had very kindly bought me a DVD of the performance, so we watched the DVD, 

a favourite CD of mine is their one titled Snow Goose, an instrumental, the the songs written to the background of Paul Gallico's wartime classic The Snow Goose, from the article, 'a novella no thicker than a love letter, in which every sentence seems to shiver with the salt-laden chill of the desolate landscape in which it is set, as if inverting the Persephone myth, the world of the novella only comes to life during the winter months, when both the young girl Fritha and the goose return each year to Philip Rhayader's lonesome sanctuary on the Essex marshes, a beautiful musical rendition of a novel,

but the group also have a humorous side, like this track from Breathless, Down On The Farm, now here is your mission, if you chose to take it, learn the lyrics and sing along to the song!

next we watched National Treasure, for some reason a really enjoyable romp, I have to say I like films where the story meshes with artifacts from the past like this one, we then followed with Whitechaple, that was so interesting as I remember some of the times featured in the copy cat killers of this series, mostly centred around Freddie Mills and the Krays, it was so compelling we watched all three episodes to see the complete story, I guess by now we have all given up on the lyrics to Down On The Farm, so here they are, 

Every Sunday morning, before daybreak
Down upon the farm, on the fishpond
All the little ducks, they go paddling
Look out for fish or for breakfast

Sunday morning hear the churchbells ringing
High up in the trees the birds were singing In the dewey grass spiders spinning
All around the farm animals stirring
Through the morning mist the bulls are beefing
Up across the meadows cows are munching
Crazy but it's time for milking

There's such a lot to be done on the farm
In the sunshine, and when it's lunchtime
It's hop down the pub for a pint
Back on the tractor to finish the plowing

Standing all alone, Fred the scarecrow
Hasn't got a clue how the wheat grows
Doesn't mind the rain, hates the cold though
Specially when those icewinds blow snow

All along the lane, bees are buzzing
Little furry things in hedgerows swirring
In amongst the corn the bunnies are bouncing
Roosters spring upon their feet

Behind the cowshed
The plowman is taking a peek
At the farmer's daughter
Who's hanging her undies in the sun

Better get on your boots and join us
Down on the farm

Down here on the farm

It's a lovely day for country walking
The vicar's on his bike, Vinny's skateboarding
The farmer and his dog out back shooting
The gun goes off and birds stop tweeting

Lost dog sneaks around the farmyard
Great big pile of sh..t behind the rhubarb
Sitting in his pram, baby bunting
Dogs are up and starts his grunting

Give him a drink, he's gone pink
Wants his mummy, needs changing I think
Such a lot can be done on the farm
In the sunshine
And when it's lunchtime
It's hop down the pub for a pint
Sneak out the backway with Nelly the barmaid
To the woods.

and with that we were off to bed.

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