Friday, 5 June 2015

We Had A Quiet Day,

so no pictures,

 cue roars of laughter and cries of shame! the day just sort of slipped past, after out evening meal we watched Hang 'Em High, which we had not seen for some time,

as we had seem the last Boardwalk Empire we decided to watch Whitechapel, the good news was that we had watched it so long ago I had forgotten most of the details, so it was like looking at a new series, DI Joseph Chandler, a police officer on the fast track, is assigned to Whitechapel CID, in his first big murder investigation, the man Chandler was after was no ordinary killer; he was copying the murders committed by Jack the Ripper in the 1880s, with the help of self-proclaimed Ripperologist Edward Buchan and DS Ray Miles, Chandler sought to catch the killer before he emulated Jack's final kill, never to be seen again, all in all it turned out rather well, except for the victims and the killer! with that we were off to bed.

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