Saturday, 6 June 2015

I Guess We Have All Heard Of Ram Raiders,

a car or lorry is reversed into a shop,

and the robbers make off with the loot, so here goes, ram raiders 101, make sure you ram the right shop, it works like this, if you want jewellery ram a jewellers, if you want alcohol ram an off-licence, you get the idea, but some one did not when they rammed a travel agents in Cabot Circus, Bristol, they wanted a free holiday? I guess not, so next they rammed the shop next door, for some free clothes, but there is a slight snag, the raiders eventually made off with £20,000 worth of designer goods, but what the bungling burglars did not release is that all the clothes were size extra small, police have arrested two men in connection with the incident,

and here is the video, as the owner of the travel agents quoted, 'perhaps they should of rammed Specsavers first!'

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