Monday, 1 June 2015

I Am Sure We Have All Heard Of DUI,

driving under the influence,

of drink or drugs, but I have never heard of driving under the influence of whipped cream, until now, police in Franklin, Tennessee, say a woman who used aerosol whipped cream cans to get high was charged with driving under the influence after crashing her car into a man’s mailbox, Anna Thomas, 28, was hospitalised after crashing into the mailbox, officers on the scene said that Thomas was disoriented at the time, they also found 13 nearly-empty cans of whipped cream scattered inside the vehicle, police also charged her with failure to report a crash for running her car into a ditch at another location prior to the incident, according to records with the Williamson County Jail, this is Thomas’ 6th DUI, she is due in court on June 4th, so next time you go whipped cream shopping do not be surprised to see a sign saying only two cans of whipped cream per customer!

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