Sunday, 7 June 2015

I Am Not Sure Why,

but I find these fantastical dreamlike works fascinating,

 they are by artist Daniel Merriam who draws these creations, 

Merriam had stated that 17th and 18th century Baroque architecture had influenced his works,

as a guide Baroque architecture is roughly divided into four periods,
Early Baroque ca. 1600-25 (facade of St Peter's)
High Baroque ca. 1625-75 Bernini and Borromini (sacred architecture)
Late Baroque ca. 1675-1725 chateaux (notably Versailles)   
Rococo ca. 1725-1800 Austria/southern Germany (notably churches)
the amazing thing is that the artist, or perhaps we should call him architect draws all of his works from memory,

Merriam says, 'in reality, each drawing is its own work and will never occur again, the beauty is in the economy of marks, leaning on the visceral edge of the artist’s mind', I just like them, he is currently exhibiting at AFA Gallery the exhibition titled “Now You See Me: The Art of Escapism” to see more of his works have a look here.

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