Friday, 12 June 2015

When I Saw These Photographs,

I just knew I had to post them,

 they are from a series titled Over/Under, by Matty Smith, for me they are absolutely stunning,

 I have tried taking pictures when we were at Koh Chang with the lens half in and half out of the water,

 so I know how difficult shots like these are to take,

Smith focuses on images right at dusk in order to expose the vibrant colours that shine within the dark waters, each shot is divided by a wavy strip of ocean just above the centre of the photograph, fish and coral live below the horizon as seagulls and sunsets populate the upper half of the photos, tricky photographs to shoot from a technical standpoint, Smith uses a strobe light for the bottom half of the image to ensure that both the animals above and below water are highlighted prominently, the Australian photographer views each half and half image he captures as a landscape photograph, and prefers environments with depth and attitude over blue sunny skies, as an aside many of his photos are available as prints, if you have a plain wall you want to make into a conversation piece.

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