Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I Awoke Feeling So Much Better,

waking up only a couple of times,

 and the not using the bathroom, let the good times roll! and we did, off to the bank to link my new passport number with my bank account, we parked in Walking Street,

 and made our way to the bank,

 we have pictured this place before, but it stood out from the rest so here is another of it,

 looking back to the sign over the street for some reason only a part of it was working,

 job finished in the bank and this is where we are going to eat,

 not having crossed the road opposite the bank since out last visit here, I have only just noticed that the hugely expensive pedestrian crossing installed by the council to help tourists cross the road just before the start of Walking Street had been removed, I guess they did not help much, but still nice and handy to trip over in the dark,

 the shrine of the bar complex that we walk by to sit in the Pattaya Beer Garden,

 the view along Pattaya beach looking past the water treatment plant outlet pipes,

 our breakfast/lunch arrives, difficult to see Diana had ordered a plate of mini burgers and chips,

 a healthy prawn cocktail for me,

 not much happening on the beach,

 a flotilla of unhired jet skies sits in the bay,

 a quick pose by the water feature,

 and we were on our way,

 along the street,

 of course this is what we had planned yesterday,

 bit it was just too painful,

 but today no problems at all,

 we popped in to the money exchange, a friend in the UK had given me some money to pay his maid so we change the sterling for baht,

 whilst waiting Diana snapped this picture of the place next door, and what do they sell? burgers!

 we turned left into the road that leads from Walking Street to Second Road and spotted one of the mobile broom sellers,

 Second Road in the distance,

 we arrived at the junction opposite the newly refurbished VC Hotel,

 next the the McDonald's out let,

 we passed the Royal Indian Hut Indian restaurant we went to some time ago on Second Road, 

 but this is where we were going, the stall that sell drinks, an ice tea for Diana and a ice coffee for myself, then home feet up and watch a movie,

 the first, The Village of the Damned, set in America it is a remake of the original set in England, both based on the book The Midwich Cuckoos, by author John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris, also known for his work The Day of the Triffids, back to the film, the second had of course much better special effects, but for me the original black and white movie set in the UK was the more scary of the two,

 after our evening meal a fun film, Last Action Hero, released over 20 years ago one of the many movies that just has not seemed to have aged, so funny in places, with many actors making cameo appearances, but you have to be quick to spot them like the man made from liquid metal from Terminator 2: Judgment Day walks out of the door to the police station as the character you are watching walks in, great fun,

 next a real treat, we watched three episodes of Ripper Street season three back to back, dare I say it, more intriguing and captivating than the previous two series, and they were good, we are both so hoping they make a series four, with that we were off to bed.

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